Kaleidoscopes For Non-Euclidean Space

Peter Stampfli
Rue de Lausanne 1, 1580 Avenches, Switzerland


You can see this presentation at geometricolor.ch !
Create your own images with the browser app at geometricolor.ch !

More information:
theory - geometricolor.wordpress.com
images - flickr.com/photos/geometricolor/
code - github.com/PeterStampfli/images

Interaction with images:
If the mouse indicator changes to "crosshair" or "pointer":
Click, drag and turn the mouse wheel.
Try single and two finger touches.

Keyboard shortcuts:
"f" and "F" - change font size
"n" and "N" - go to next/previous page
"z" and "Z" - same as mouse wheel, zoom in/out or rotate
"i" - open another input image

Input images: mediabank.visitstockholm.com

Special thanks to Frank Farris: "Creating Symmmetry"